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The developers of Open Index have tested their dark web search engine against a wide range of other dark web search engines, and have concluded that Open Index yields the best search results on the dark web, not to mention one of the only ones without annoying or disruptive ads cluttering your browser. Open Index strives to be the best and most powerful search engine on the dark web.

Explore The Dark Web With
Open Index.

Open Index will always aim to produce the best and most accurate search results without covering your screen with disruptive ads or forcing you to enable Java Script in your Tor browser. Search through our large index of websites on the dark web to find what is right for you by exploring with the Open Index dark web search engine.

What Open Index Search Does

Open Index is a dark web search engine built from the ground up using a modern and robust search algorithm process. Unlike other dark web search engines, Open Index implements complex algorithms and considers things like content quality, backlinks, domain authority and many other factors when ranking pages and deciding what pages to show users.

Find Your Community On
Open Index.

With Open Index you can find the community your are looking for on the dark web and connect with other people using hidden onion sites, this is possible because our search index contains a wide variety of pages on the dark web. Discover forums, chat rooms, markets, blogs, uncensored news and much more available on the dark web with Open Index.

Rank Your Own Onion Website
On Open Index.

Are you a web developer on the dark web? Rank your onion website on Open Index using our add site page, this will add your website to Open Index so it can appear in search results. Give your onion website some attention by boosting its traffic with Open Index, let us know about your website so we can index it and serve it to users who are searching terms relating to it.